Research began with an evaluation of the site created by gm-design for global hair product giants Schwarzkopf Professional. Raise Your Sites examined the products and services listed in the web pages, and then researched the internet for market competition, keyword trends and link popularity on a national and global basis.

market research and internet marketing

Knowing your market is essential in conventional business and commerce. This is even more the case with ecommerce/ebusiness.

The websites of all major competitors were checked for site structure and key word usage. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of these companies' websites saved a lot of time when it came to deciding what emphasis should be applied to various search terms. For example where we found a multitude of other sites all emphasising exactly the same service, we achieved increased traffic by researching some slightly less popular search terms which had greater relevance.

Keyword research, based upon a database providing internet usage statistics for over 300,000,000 daily search requests, identified the industry's most popular search terms. For example our team found that over 500 people a day were searching for information on hair trends.

engine research

No search engine or directory ranks a web page in exactly the same way. They each have their own specific criteria for this, and they also have different attitudes about how frequently pages should be submitted to them. So before any strategies were defined, Raise Your Sites identified the most effective engines and relevant directories for the most cost-effective submission package.