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targeted email marketing programs

Rely on our experience for purchasing opt-in consumer targeted lists of email addresses, and the software system necessary to despatch a highly targeted e-mail campaigns. Interactive opt-in direct emailing solutions are customised to your campaign and budget requirements, to maximise interest in new offers and promotions.

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viral marketing ideas

Raise Your Sites can provide full design and promotional advice relating to the development of viral web pages and email campaigns to promote your internet event. From past statistics we have developed a business model for viral email marketing which enables us to predict more accurately the expectations and costs of such ventures.

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pay per click keyword selection

A very effective short term promotional option for ecommerce websites is to buy keywords on a pay per click through basis from specific search engines and directories. The three most important search databases with this option are Google AdWords, Overture pay per click and LookSmart Directory. There are also various national sections of these global engines which can be used to increase the regional specificity of your desired traffic. We negotiate the best price for you, and the campaign runs until a specified budget has been exhausted. Alternatively you can purchase traffic on a monthly basis.

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doorway pages

Doorway pages are a means of leading visitors onto a site which would not otherwise be listed high enough by Search Engines. Raise Your Sites do not advocate the use of multiple doorways optimised for specific search engines, because this is a form of spam, which is now considered unethical and may lead to a site being droppped completely from search engine lists. However, some sites which employ frames and flash intros do not get properly indexed by search engine spiders, and constructing a single doorway page from an existing page from within the site, and ensuring that it contains links to all other major pages is normally quite acceptable. There are many pitfalls with this strategy, and you will need our experience to explain why some of these pages are successful, and others can be harmful.

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links page development and banner exchange

Experience shows that exchanging reciprocal links with popular and relevant outside domains can improve a web site's standing with several important search engines. We can develop these links and banner exchanges, and position them on the website in such a way that they do not distract from the overall impact of your site. A significant part of our successful e-marketing strategy has been to source business link partnerships for our clients with major UK and European companies.

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domain name registration

Let us choose and purchase the most appropriate domain name for your site. Domain name relevance is often a deciding factor in successful promotion. Many of our uk clients use multiple domain names to point at their site in order to increase their visibility. Let us select and register your domain names for you, based upon the search popularity of your products or services.

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