search engine submission

For your site to be ranked by the search engines, it first has to be found. It can take a very long time for a web site to be indexed by their metacrawlers and robots.

Submitting the web page urls directly to the engines will speed this process up, and will also enable you to direct the engines to the pages which you consider the most important.

Search engines have become more selective in the way that they like a site to be published. Some require the submission of the default or index page, whereas others like to find the default page themselves. Some are happy to receive paid submissions in batches whilst others will only accept one page per day.

Raise Your Sites continually update this essential data, and submit pages at the optimum re-submission frequencies of the most popular engines both in the UK and also in Europe.

cost effective solutions

Raise Your Sites offers an effective and affordable web site submission service for both global, and country specific, webpage url registrations.

If you are not getting the results you expected from DIY submissions ask the Raise Your Sites team for a quotation.

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