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Now update your site in minutes not hours!

No software to install, no code to learn and it works with ANY server and Operating System.

Our affordable content management software gives your team members the power to edit, track and produce web site content via a simple control panel.

Developers and website administrators can assign administration rights to editable sections of each page enabling individual team members to manage the entire Web site without compromising site standards or control.

Editing your site is as easy as editing a Microsoft® Word document. Simply navigate to the page you wish to edit, make your changes and save. Add users in seconds without training. You can even restore prior versions of your pages.

Users login to the Editor via their normal web browser and can edit text and images according to the permissions assigned to them, without the need to understand HTML code.

What makes our software the choice for website content management?

The CMS Control Panel
The control panel is the web-based administration center where the team members can control all aspects of both their services and web site content. All of this is done by logging into the control panel through your normal web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) from a computer anywhere in the world.

The Newsletter Component
Our Newsletter Component is a fully functional email newsletter. The Newsletter component allows you to add a robust Email Newsletter feature to your site allowing you to keep your frequent visitors up to date via email. Web Site Newsletters are used as a tool to keep visitors immediately up-to-date with news and events as they occur, as well as adding an added level of branding to the site.

Via the control panel the site administrator can manage the newsletter’s look and contents. Content for the newsletter can be made up of news, events, and articles already entered into the site, as well as new information created by the administrator. The newsletter can be created and saved for future revisions before sending. It will allow multiple revisions of the current newsletter before actual submission to the mailing list. Once the newsletter is sent, the contents are automatically archived and indexed on the website for viewing by future visitors.

Coming Soon !!

CMS Calendar Component
The Calendar component allows you to control your events calendar via the control panel. Add, Remove and Edit an unlimited number of events using the simple Calendar Administration tool. No HTML or Programming knowledge is required.

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